A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Some humans simply don't know how to care for themselves. This is rather impolite. The myriads of co-occupants of their bodies - the myriads of microbes also have a rights. Rights to their future.

In this game you play the bacteria who, in contrast to their host, are empathic enough to care for more than themselves. You strive to keep your populations in check so that you don't happen to off the host. They are so weak, these hosts. And you take care of the surplus of food that the gluttonous mouth keeps feeding itself. You strive to keep the balance.


The game is best played with a mouse or similar.

Click on the microbe you wish to control.

Right click to deselect.

Nearby microbes of same shape will follow.

Collide microbes with the food according to shape indicators to eat.

Press Pause/P in-game for instructions.


The game was originally made for Global Game Jam 2015 (Homeostasis)

Ludvig Christensson

Patrik Coman

Martin Zackrisson (me)


homeostasis.zip 15 MB
homeostasis.app.zip 17 MB
homeostasis.tar.gz 17 MB